Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

February 11, 2018


Perfect dressing has been seen as one of the few ways to command respect in this present age. And over a few time now, a dressing cannot be said to be perfect until it is accompanied by a well-designed jewellery, and aside that, a dynamic and uncommon jewellery would be best for that.


This single idea is what actually brought about the custom jewellery industry. This is a jewellery industry that is into designing a perfect and unique jewellery to all their customers. The uniqueness of custom jewellery industry is their goal of ensuring an uncommon design for all their customers. Hence they really do not get involved in collective design productions but maintain a high sense of creativity in ensuring that every customer gets a design that is unique to their desires.


Custom jewellery has been able to make a frontline in jewellery designs by its ability to make designs in several categories yet an excellency in matchless uniqueness. Categories such as engagement rings, wedding bands, necklace, signet rings, class rings, cufflinks, earrings, bracelet and other rings have their designs in custom jewelry.


Hence, with all these exceptional qualities of custom jewellery, what has made it great is the mode of operation which will be discussed below.



  1. Discuss your design idea. Custom jewellery does not just make a good design on the platform of assumption, it rather makes provision for it customer to present and discuss their design ideas, budgets and options with a dedicated jewellery consultant that will guide them through having the best design.


  1. Design preview: with custom jewellery, after choosing a perfect jewellery design, the design team comes up with a sketch of the concept you propose, so you can have a visual display of what you are going to get. Thus, you are privileged to consider an acceptance or rejection.


  1. Make a reality.
    On your acceptance of the sketch, a visualize piece done with a high-resolution 3D renderings is sent across to the buyer for necessary adjustment until perfection is reached.


  1. Treasure delivery: this is the apex of the process and the stage of the delivery of your personal specially made jewellery. It is always awesome.


The duration of the designing of a custom jewellery is in the range of 4 weeks. This includes a few day for discussion, 2-3 days for creation, a few days for revisions (if necessary), and 10 days for production, and the rest for shipping. However, on occasions of urgency not earlier than two weeks, we take your date and effect a push on your design so as to quicken the process.


Also, custom jewellery obviously operates at an affordable price, however, this is unpredictable because of the fact that every product is a new brand or new idea. Hence the best way to check out for our price is by starting up a consultation immediately.


Finally, custom jewellery makes all effort to have your special jewellery in mind, and the uniqueness you are expecting can be trusted with it. Hence, make up a better look today with your new move on custom jewellery



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