History of the Tennis bracelet & Chain

History of the Tennis bracelet & Chain

February 07, 2018


Necklace and bracelet have always been a part of fashion for ages, the diverse design of this can be found in our store here . However, the 1987 US Open tennis match created another scene that opened bracelet and necklace to another of necessity for fashion.

Several articles have tried to describe the ancient 1987 US open experience as a landmark for the use of a particular bracelet, the diamond tennis bracelet. But the reality is thought that was what made the diamond bracelet become a household name, and making it crowd-pleasing.  However, the diamond bracelet has been in existence for days as far the  1920s, when men and women were often found wearing this lightweight "eternity bracelets, but they were never regarded as diamond tennis bracelet.

During the 1987 US Open tennis match,  Evert, one of the key players mistakenly lost her bracelet and she pleaded with the officials to postpone her match until the bracelet has been found. This was more of a surprise as the match was placed on hold and both views at the venue and the viewers at home saw her as she was passionately searching for the expensive bracelet. This event so-to-say drew a lot of people's attention and apparently spark up  a fresh desire for the new diamond bracelets, causing a craving for virtually all the viewers, and this is what brought about the name "the diamond  tennis bracelet."

This really short time event almost became a lifetime advertisement unknowingly. Viewer actually saw beyond the missing bracelet as well as the “bracelet searcher“ and began to see two great virtues. They saw the passion in which she was searching for it, and they as well saw the affection she has for the bracelet. These two things are attached to every diamond tennis bracelet or necklace user.

The description of the diamond tennis bracelet is usually a thin and simple one, here making it sleek and elegant, and never gaudy. Most times, the diamond tennis bracelet or necklace are made from platinum or 18-carat gold.

The usage of the diamond tennis bracelet has actually gone beyond just being bought for use alone, as it has also been of great appreciation when it is also considered to be a gift.
The best time to give a diamond tennis bracelet to someone or loved ones is not really before a sports match, instead, it can best fit in when considered as a classic holiday gift for your girlfriend, fiancee or wife.
This elegant gift can also fit in a for anniversaries or birthdays.

With all this amazing usage of diamond tennis bracelets and necklace, this jewellery yet maintains a well affordable price from the range within  $3,000 - $25,000 depending on the size you are pleased with. Hence to make a demand for your own diamond tennis bracelet either for use or gift, connect with Mervis Diamond Importers and you will soon have your value quality diamond jewellery to yourself.


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