Miami Cuban Link Chains

Miami Cuban Link Chains

January 31, 2018


The series of linked loops of metal wire is called a chain. sometimes, balls or discs-instead of loops are used for making these series of links called chain. Only the finest cubans link chains are handmade. 

Brief introduction to Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chains, also known as Miami chains are chains thick in texture and have a unique interlocking pattern that makes even the thinner links look more substantial. Like other types of men’s gold chains, these come in a variety of types of gold, both 10K , 14K  & 18k Yellow gold, White Gold, Rose gold, and platinum. Usually, these chains are seen on many hip hop stars, athletes and other celebrities. This type of necklace looks great combined with a matching pendant. Miami cuban link chains are very durable and normally, last for a lifetime. Even though kilo Cuban link chain might only be appropriate for popular music stars, the reality is that these popular and versatile necklaces can also be fashionable and elegant when worn in moderation.

History of Cuban Link Chains

Cuban link Chains (also known as Miami Cuban links) are an evolution of the hip-hop jewelry movement that began in the late 70’s to mid-80’s. In fact, many still consider Cuban link necklaces as a component of hip-hop fashion. The reality is that the exact origin of the Cuban link is difficult to pinpoint, despite claims by various hip-pop celebrities that they played a pivotal role in making Cuban link chains popular. One thing we do know is that interest in Cuban links accelerated after 2012 and has been rising steadily ever since.

Investing in Cuban Link Chains

We need to go back farther than 2018 to analyze a more important fact relating to the investment merits of Cuban link chains.

In 2005, the spot price of gold was hovering around $400 a troy ounce. From that point, the metal then rose steadily for another 7-8 years, increasing nearly 350% in price. This mean that if you would have bought a Cuban link chain at the beginning of 2005, it could have been worth over four times what you paid for it seven years later!

When you buy a Cuban link chain, you are doing it primarily because you like it & because you are trying to bet on the appreciation of gold. The fact that Cuban links can retain their value or even go up in price because of the market behavior of gold is a BIG benefit to owning one. 

Difference between handmade and machine made Cuban link Chains

Mass produced Miami chains are not created for a specific wearer, rather, it is created to appeal to many people. Machine made Miami link chains are often less  reliable for many reasons. The links are not as tight or as thick as hand made cuban link chains. Lastly, these machine made chains are not welded completely which make them easy bend or break if work often.

Handmade Cuban link chains on the other hand is a personalized unique piece. They are one of a kind and the wearer will never have to worry about getting their piece mixed up solely because of its uniqueness.


Many jewelers make [or at least attempt to make] these thick chains with strong, tightly-spaced links, but few succeed in creating very high quality pieces that are worthy of the limelight.

Without impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail and finish, a Cuban link chain might be better off remaining in incubation as a 24K gold bar.

For the best looking Cuban link, we recommend buying from Galleria Of Gold.  14K-quality gold or better will get you the best bang for your buck. 




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